Exit Solutions

Have you thought about how you are going to Exit Your Business? Is your wealth and retirement locked up in the value of your company? Are you wondering how much your company is worth and how to convert company value into cash? Does the very idea of exiting your company seem overwhelming…yet exciting?


If you have thought about selling your business or handing it down to the next generation, but do not know how to begin, you are in good company. With the majority of businesses owned by those of the Baby Boomer Generation, over 50% of successful business owners hope to exit their companies within the next five years. It is doubtful those owners will exit in style unless they establish an exit plan before hand.


The three elements of a successful exit are: a game plan with experienced coaches to guide you through the choices and decisions necessary to accomplish your goals. Your coaches then execute your exit desires within the timeline you have defined.

To help create your Exit Plan we assemble a winning team of advisors and execute the game plan based upon your desires and your timeline. We know how to guide you to your successful exit.

Your Exit Plan will address:

We become your advocates - a liaison between you and the assembled team of experts. It has never been more important for you to remain focused on your business than when you are preparing to exit your company; we ‘take the lead’ on the project so that you can keep your eye on the ball.

RSI’s Network of Advisors

Good exit planning requires a coordinated effort from a number of advisors; including valuation specialists, financial & insurance advisors, tax strategists, CPA, attorney, as well as business brokerage professionals. RSI works with, and through, it’s Network of Advisors to help you achieve your exit goals.


As your Experienced Exit Planning Advisors, we begin with a free on-site exit strategy and business value consult. Our Certified Exit Strategy Consultant will walk you through the seven stages to a successful exit, review your exit desires, establish a basis of your exit plan and perform a valuation consultation to provide you an estimate as to the value of your company. The Exit Strategy Consultant will propose a custom game plan based upon your exit desires and your timeline.

Upon engagement, RSI will work with you and the assembled advisory group to ensure your exit desires are met and that your company is structured as a transferable asset. If you determine that selling to a third party is the best exit strategy for you, experts in the field of marketing a company for sale will be part of the advisory team.

RSI will continue to take the lead on your project, making certain what is best for you and your company remains the focus.

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Acquisition Solutions

Buy-Side Representation is not an assignment that should be taken lightly. RSI is rooted in the belief that market knowledge, intricate financial analysis and effective due diligence are the keys to our clients making informed business acquisition assessments. It is our responsibility to uncover every crucial detail in a transaction that may affect our client’s decision making process. Through our expertise in financial forensics, business valuation, operational efficiency, organizational culture and due diligence, we are able to thoroughly scrutinize all aspects of a deal, allowing clients to evaluate opportunities more efficiently and with greater rapidity, thereby resulting in the highest possible transaction success rate.

Uncovering Opportunities

The single most valuable service we provide is our ability to find the ‘diamond in the rough.’ In our experience, more often than not, the best company to purchase is a company that is not currently on the market, since many business owners wait until they have one foot in the grave or one foot out the door before they put their company on the market for sale. In addition, with a general lack of understanding as to what’s involved, as well as how long it will take to sell a company, many businesses on the market are not structured or prepared for transition and possibly have already flat-lined, or even worse, started going in the wrong direction…down.

We search for possible businesses to buy that fit your acquisition or merger criteria and determine if a willingness to be acquired exists. Our search includes companies already listed for sale, but the major part of our search is tapping the hidden market of companies not currently listed for sale. Once we identify and evaluate a suitable business opportunity, we arrange a meeting or conference call between you and the potential seller with the goal of ultimately finding you the right business to buy.

Contract Negotiations

Our belief is that negotiating a transaction should be effortless and transparent to our clients. Therefore, RSI has developed a strategic process to obtain the best terms for our clients with great efficiency. Our practice is to negotiate the many pertinent terms of a contract prior to bringing our client to the table. The result is an ability to provide clients with realistic terms from the beginning of the process. We are adept at uncovering the bottom line price from a seller, securing a feasibility period necessary for a true due diligence process, ensuring a successful transaction and transition while, most importantly, protecting your interest.

Due Diligence

Once we have successfully negotiated terms, with a signed Letter of Intent in place, our attention is directed on completing a full due diligence package. We lead our clients through the process of identifying any potential barriers to the acquisition, transition and implementation of our client’s post acquisition business plan. It is imperative that we uncover all items that may affect a client’s ability to close during the due diligence period so that secondary negotiations, when necessary, can be completed prior to the expiration of the Letter of Intent.


The final stage in the acquisition process is the closing. We work as liaisons throughout this stage process. We work diligent to insure your legal and accounting representation are productive and stay on point. In our experience we will save you significantly more than our fees through the closing process. We insure all our representatives are efficient and effective by insuring they have the information they need to get the job done.

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  Client Testimonials

 …I must say I am very impressed with the valuation and exit plan. I am impressed with the professionalism. You have assured that my business will succeed for generations to come…I can not tell you what it means to me and my family.”

-Owner of a Quarry Business in BC, Canada (family succession)

 42 days from LOI to SBA funding…thanks RSI.”

-Buyer of Lumber Company in Texas

 Your valuation helped me negotiate with confidence and the exit plan saved me over $100,000 in taxes and fees. I do not think I could have closed the deal without your help.”

-Owner of Oil Field Company in Wyoming

 The annual valuation RSI has done on my business has been invaluable. It has helped me triple my company's value in the last 8 years. It made negotiating with the buyer [of my company] much easier because I was very confident and when I pulled them out, they were speechless.”

-Majority Shareholder of Gas Turbine Repair, Houston Texas

 RSI valued our company and helped plan our exit. Then they brought in a national business broker who found us 3 interested buyers in 4 months. When we started, we didn't know what 'exit strategy' was.”

-Owners of Industrial Supply, Arkansas

 RSI's ability to provide documentation services to businesses is remarkable. RSI provides value to Businesses by proving the Company's determination of Value to a buyer or Financer. RSI provides 'Exit Strategies' for small to medium sized business owners and 'Business Plans' to aid in the growth of that business. I have used RSI exclusively for the past 5 years and can report many happy clients.”

-National Intermediary, North Carolina