Value Consults - a.k.a. 'Sanity Check'

Value Consults - a.k.a. "Sanity Check"

Sometimes better referred to as a "Sanity Check," our valuation consultations is a new service which assists in pre-screening, allocation and good will estimation, as well as loan processing.

Provided at no cost to our lenders

The value consult consists of a conference call including the lender, an RSI certified appraiser, the buyer and seller.

During the conference call, the appraiser will ask pertinent questions about the operations of the business, review its historical financial performance, as well as perform a recast. Upon completion of the consult, a range of value will be determined utilizing four different rule of thumb formulas. The outcome of the consult is reviewed with the Lender only.

Our "Sanity Check" sets you apart
from other competitive lenders!

"...the valuation consultation was excellent. It helped me understand more of what goes into the process of the business valuation...I will definitely use this more often."
Vice President and SBA Program Manager, Missouri

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